There is nothing quite like the texture and aura of a genuine leather. Like many natural materials, we believe that a high quality top grain leather gets even better with normal wear and age. Together with our UK partner - Yarwood Leather, we create a myriad of leathers to suit different styles. The variety of colours, textures, grains and finishes mean that there will be always be a finish to suit your needs.

The Yarwood tannery is based in Arzignano/Chiampo region of Northern Italy, famed for its leather production for generations. All of our leather is tested in the Yarwood labratory for the following;

Flex Test

Leather is tested up to 50,000 flexes to determine the resistance of the finish to cracking and the adhesion of the finish to the leather.

Rub Test

Leather is tested up to 500 dry rubs and 250 wet rubs to detect any colour staining or change in colour as well as any visible changes or damage to the surface of the leather.

Abrasive Test

Leather is tested up to 1000 cycles for wear performance and any change of colour.

As well as these tests checks are also carried out for continuation of colour between batches and the softness of the leather.